Is research killing your best new product ideas without you even knowing it? Unless you’re using TNS, 40% of your innovation decisions could be wrong. Find out more.

Opinion Leader - The trouble with innovation

Innovation often fails to deliver against increasing expectations. Steve Landis challenges traditional innovation models.

Is research killing your best new product ideas?

Biggest isn’t always best. Big trial or big volume alone don’t guarantee big growth.

Prioritising winning ideas

Concept eValuate identifies and prioritises the new product ideas that will drive growth, early in the innovation process.

Shareholders give you no thanks for launching a product that attracts most of its volume by poaching customers from the existing franchise, particularly given new introductions typically deliver lower margins than existing products.

David Soulsby, Global Director, Innovation & Product Development, TNS

Admap article - A true test of innovation

To achieve game-changing innovation, incremental growth potential must be identified early: David Soulsby in Admap.

When you're focusing on pure volume alone